PHASE II - Design Engineering and Land Acquisition

During Phase I, the Village determined and got approval at the local, state, and federal levels for the major design features of the Oak Street Bridge replacement. In Phase II, the Village’s consulting team developed the Phase I preliminary design into a final design including detailed plans, specifications, and contract documents. Additionally, the Village coordinated land for temporary construction easements and acquired land for permanent rights of way.

The engineering plans for the project include the removal and replacement of the Oak Street Bridge, Oak Street between the intersections of Walnut Street and Chicago Avenue (inclusive), approximately 300 feet of Chicago Avenue, and Hill Grove Avenue. In addition, associated utilities will be repaired, improved, or relocated as appropriate, including water mains, storm sewers, and street lighting.

As in Phase I, IDOT, the FHWA, Metra and BNSF provided periodic input on the plans as they were developed. While not required by state or federal procedures, the Village continued to provide residents with updates during Phase II through Community Working Group (CWG) meetings, a public meeting, the website, and in local newspapers.

IDOT is managing the bidding process for the Oak Street Bridge Replacement Project.  Phase II will be completed upon acceptance of the lowest qualified bid by the Village Board of Trustees.